Sunsation Powerboats comes to the Miami International Boat Show this year with a variety of customer experiences, both indoors and on the water. The Algonac, Michigan company, long known for it’s innovative sport boats and sports center consoles will be exhibiting inside the Miami Beach Convention Center three of it’s most popular models. The 29 & 34CCX (Center Console Extreme) along with it’s popular 28 mid-cabin open bow performance sport boat.

In addition to the tactile experience of boarding each craft and the opportunity for close-up and personal inspection, visitors will also experience a virtual perspective of the complete Sunsation line through a synchronized triple screen presentation strategically positioned in the Sunsation Exhibit.

” From the amount of boat videos playing around the show, it’s a “given” that video helps people see how the boat performs at speed. Something you can’t see while it’s on the trailer.”, states Vice President, Joe Schaldenbrand. “Our presentation this year takes it to another level, allowing visitors to experience three different perspectives, at the same time, putting them closer to the true lifestyle experience which the Sunsation brand is all about.”

“This is a similar technology we originally developed for Royal Caribbean Cruises”, says John Potts of American Performance Media. “Cruise lines are very competitive within their market and are always looking to expand the overall cruising experience to their guests. On “sea days” where guests are limited to activities on board the ship, it’s important to keep them engaged and entertained. We discovered that the multiple perspective experience of our presentations not only engaged guests at a deeper level but helped direct them to their next decision, desired by the line. I appreciate Sunsation’s support in proving this same dynamic in the boat sales arena” and am excited about the results we’ll document in regard to sales leads.”

Not to leave any experience unavailable at the show, customers, potential customers and fans can experience the 34CCX on the water at the Mercury Racing on-water exhibit at the Sea Isle Marina across the bay in Miami.