Swecat Racing, Swedish offshore racing team, has announced that it has officially started production of their brand new boat design, the Hypercat, marking the beginning of their transition from a solely racing team to a manufacturer as well.

The Hypercat is a much anticipated new 31 foot catamaran that promises to deliver high performance whether choosing the pleasure version or the racing version, both of which are set to be produced for the first time this year. The “Race” version features a closed cockpit and only two seats while the “Pleasure” version will be a semi open cockpit with seats for four. Both designs feature vacuum injected full carbon fiber and are currently undergoing the milling of plug for hull and deck, as well as production of the two respective molds.

”We have hand picked a production team consisting of the foremost experts within composite manufacturing that Sweden has to offer for this ”state of the art” project, that is truly ”Made in Sweden!”, says Niklas Sjöö, CEO of Swecat Racing. “As you can tell, we have set the bar very high in this project, just like the Hypercars of the car industry. We are highly inspired by Swedish super entrepreneur Christian von Koenigsegg, that has really placed Sweden on the world map in terms of both design and cutting edge technology.” (www.mynewsdesk.com)

The first “Pleasure” Hypercat is slated to be finished by the end of Q2 2017 and the first “Race” version will be finished shortly after, just in time for the XCAT World Series.