The need for speed remains alive and well in performance powerboating and the horsepower numbers are climbing as fast as ever. If you were along for the Miami Boat Show Poker Run then you could heard the egos of a few boisterous ones among the group touting their personal beliefs and opinions about their boats and power plants superiority. There were the OEM power fans and of course the tried and true aftermarket engine supporters. Not unlike any other area that has a competitive spirit when anyone throws down their gauntlet they have to recognize they have just pushed the competitor to bring something bigger, something better, and this pushes everything that much faster and most likely more reliable.

In this particular case while during last weeks poker run a few boat manufactures remained in the South Florida sun to run in the Miami Boat Show Poker Run. Missing was Peter Hledin of Skater Powerboats he was anxious to get back to his Douglas Michigan facility motivated by the quest to take his boats and customers to an even higher level.

Today that higher level is being brought to market by Todd Goodwin of Goodwin Competition Engines. His beautifully finished all billet aluminum 1850HP engine version that was debuted in Miami at the boat show had the entire show and industry abuzz. These new engines look to be one of the viable options away from some of the OEM power offerings that continue to rumor of some reliability issues.

As the pictures show the shear size of the engine seems mammoth but the narrow shape of the bottom of the engine actually installed easier and fit deeper in the tunnel of the boat than many of the turbo packages Skater has been installing . Peter acknowledged while it is uncertain at this point what benefits besides the shear horsepower these power plants will bring. He was quick to acknowledge that anytime lowering the center of gravity makes a huge difference in any boats overall stability and performance.

We will have the first hand performance and trial data when these boats make their way to water in the coming months.