As Bugatti again sets the bar astronomically high with their latest creation, the Chiron, they also expand upon their 2015 version of the Niniette with the Niniette 66.

Similar to the original version, the 66 is a 66 foot (20-meter) yacht featuring twin sponsons on the sides to create a smoother, more comfortable ride. The boat also features copious amounts of carbon fiber both creating a light and sturdy structure, but also tying it to the carbon-laden Chiron.

The boat further resembles its land locked sibling with the c-shaped curve on the side, letting everyone far and wide know that it is indeed a Bugatti. Where it separates itself from the Chiron is its impressive retractable roof that allows for joy riding in good weather with the option for a still comfortable ride in poorer conditions.

Don’t forget the interior though. Bugatti spares no expense and rightly so. The carbon fiber, oak, and leather interior is astounding and more luxurious than most people’s homes with a spa, lounge, and campaign bar down on the lower deck. And there is even a fire pit. Yes, a fire pit.

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