There are claims, and then there are cold hard facts. And when it comes to Marine Design Corporation and the effectiveness of their innovative products, there is no denying that they work. Here is the proof!

Saris Racing is a dedicated team composed of racers and members working and racing day in and day out. So when they would have to replace the upper gear set in their stock Bravo drives every 3 to 4 races every single season, they were looking for a solution.

They turned to Mike Clesceri and Marine Design Corporation, who recommended that they give their latest DriveGuardian a try. Designed to be what you might describe as a “slipping clutch,” the DriveGuardian’s main purpose is to reduce stress and impacts that cause pitting and cracks on the gear teeth.

The results were and continue to be phenomenal! Saris Racing is currently on their 12th race with the same set of gears and it’s all due to the DriveGuardian. Saving both time and money, it allows the team to focus on what’s most important…racing.

See for yourself, in the images below, the direct results that the DriveGuardian has, versus drives without.