Metal Shark and Angelle Development, LLC have developed a new propulsion system that can take a boat through pretty much any water environment out there! Whether swampland, marshes, rivers, or debris laden water, it can handle it all.

The Swamp Shark, as it has been named, was designed and produced for fisherman and hunters trying to reach the backwaters of Louisiana’s swamps, but after seeing how well it performed the extensive commercial and military applications became undeniable.

The swamp shark features a machined-steel surface drive cut with a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) router, internal and external stabilizing hydraulics as well as a patent-pending internal cooling system.

The cooling system is completely contained with nothing on the bottom on the boat that could get in the way when traversing shallow or debris-filled waters and doesn’t require any outside water.

It also has hydraulic power trim and steering and a stainless steel surface-piercing propeller that enables it to cut through debris and vegetation.

Current swamp shark configurations work with up to 550 propshaft horsepower and 1,250 lb-ft of torque. It’s available in several sizes and can fit a variety of gas and diesel-powered vessels. However, the boat in the video is powered by an LS, which is obviously our preferred combination and sounds fantastic barking through the Louisiana swamp. (


Metal Shark Introduces Swamp Shark All-Terrain Surface Drive from Metal Shark Boats on Vimeo.