CIGARETTE is the iconic brand in the world of powerboating. So when they revealed the 2018 41′ GTR Reserve center console, it was clear that Cigarette will stop at nothing to be the best, and they aren’t afraid to let everyone know it.  Powerboat Nation was lucky to be able to visit the factory a few weeks ago and get a first hand look at this incredibly well detailed and appointed boat.

The Reserve model takes your top-of-the-line center console to the next level and beyond. Flush mounted displays and the highest attention to detail make this the boat you wish you had, and the one you’ll never let go of.  The detail goes way beyond the new and incredible interior.  The application of the paint on this boat is amazing as the hull sides are super smooth and the paint is flawless.  This detail may go unnoticed to many, but buyers of luxury automobiles and yachts will recognize the reflection of quality when they see themselves in this boat.  Cigarette is different and it is that difference that has everyone scrambling to reach the achievement of owning one since 1969.

See all the photos from Cigarette Racing Team below and stand by for more on this new boat from Powerboat Nation.