Bringing the old back to new. For Larry Goldman and his crew at North Miami’s Xtreme Powerboats nothing ever seems to just flow along, it is always Fast and Furious. Right now they are not just doing one complete boat renovation, they are in the middle of three!

First Up is a 1983, 44 ft Tempest that formerly served as a US Coast Guard Intercept boat that will now serve as a fun pleasure boat in Miami. The boat was purchased by Sonny Netkin, AKA “Sonny Bananas” who is a local importer of fresh fruit and bananas. Sonny, bought the Tempest as a project boat because he wanted a diesel Go-Fast to run around South Florida and the Bahamas where he is now semi-retired. He has a passion for boats and beautiful women and this boat will be perfect for entertaining around Miami. Larry Goldman actually worked for Tempest Marine Owner Dick Simon from 1983 -1985 where he would deliver boats, do rigging, and other tasks at Turnberry Isle marina for customers who purchased New Tempests. This background and wealth of experience made Xtreme Powerboats the perfect choice for this renovation. “We are completely renovating this boat” said Larry. “The renovation will include a complete overhaul of the Detroit Diesels, the gearboxes will be rebuilt by twin disc, the unique Tempest T-Torque Drive and Rudder system will be rebuilt, and a complete paint job by Donald Rossy of Trick Paint. The interior will be redone by Cover Emporium of North Miami Beach and XtremePowerboats will complete the entire re-rig which will include everything from the smallest part and piece of wire in the boat.

Larry went on to say “We are working with a tight budget and must stay with-in the budget which is very hard with unexpected parts and labor that always arise while working with these older boats. The plan is to have this project done before the Miami Boat Show so Sonny can have the boat early in the new year.

“It’s going to be tight” said Sonny, “this boat was very rough when we found it sitting in the yard. I wanted to have a challenge to make this boat look and run like it did in the days when it was new from Tempest, Goldman was the guy that said that we could make this happen”

Next on the list is a 35 Ft Cigarette Awesome from the 1970’s. This boat just went through a complete new retro paint job at Guardado Marine. The new power is to be determined but the owner is looking hard at Mercury Racing 700 with NXT Drives. Larry Goldman told us the boat is going to be a “New” old Cigarette and expects the performance to be incredible considering how the new OEM engine packages make such a huge difference in the performance and handling of these old boats.

Goldman has completed many projects like this since he began his business in 1982 when he was re-rigging Cigarettes for customers who wanted to have updated looks from the 70s to the current boats of the day. Goldman completed many projects then like the original FERRARI boat which was a Scarab ‘Smith KV’ for a New York Ferrari Dealer, Steven Kessler. Another Cigarette Cafe Renovation was done for the owner of R/W Raymond Weil, of the famous watch company who wanted his boat to carry the Watch logo and colors design throughout the boat. “These were great projects that we really enjoyed.” those customers had open check books then and we were able to start and not stop until we were done and that’s when we added it up. Today it’s a little different” said Goldman

Powerboat Nation will bring you more and more of these three builds as well as other renovation stories we have coming!