This year, a new safety requirement imposed by the American Power Boat Association has resulted in the definitive cancelling of the Thunder on the Narrows Powerboat Races. The reason for the cancellation? The racecourse is no longer able to meet the new depth requirements for such a race.

The new law requires that the depth be at least 4 feet. “Having a depth of 4 feet,” Shaw (Region 4 chairman of APBA) said, “is important because it allows enough room for a driver to get out of his boat, which isn’t always possible in shallower conditions.” The change most likely comes on the heels of the fatal accident that happened on the West Coast in September where a driver’s boat turned over and the driver wasn’t able to immediately open the canopy lid of his boat to escape the wreck.

Many lifelong fans and racer are upset and disappointed that the races will not be taking place this year but hopefully the association will be able to find another suitable racecourse that fits all of the requirements in time.