We all recognize technology is changing the boating world today in many ways.  But best of all its providing information to manufactures like DCB who continually evolving the technology of their boats base upon data acquisition and review.

In many applications from many boat builders the likelihood the customer will receive the boat with the best set up possible is very low unless that boat is being delivered the the top tear companies in the high performance sector.

Here’s a glimpse of how DCB takes and measures the performance of their boats in different running applications to provide feed back to their team at the shop in much the same way NASCAR teams use the same information to refine their race cars for upcoming event.

Through video and data the company records the performance along the entire route of a test run. They will then measure this information against other runs and set-ups allowing them to perfect a given boats performance before ever handing the boat over to the customer.

DCB points out this way were assured that we meet our customers expectations and were confident we’ve given them the very best product available. Its this level of customer service that’s setting DCB among the very highest caliber of boats available anywhere.