World renowned Offshore Powerboat Racing Champion and Powerboating Safety advocate and innovator Tres Martin is turning his well used Lifeline Jackets into other causes. For the past few years these yellow and blue Lifeline #160 Starter Jackets, also know as the Poker Run Vest, have been worn by numerous Performance Boat School Students who practiced over and over the specific skill sets and human performance while completing the Performance Boat School.

Now is your chance to win one of these jackets. Right here on Powerboat Nation we are auctioning off 2 of these jackets with the proceeds to be divided between the Wounded Warriors Project and Powerboat Safety International. One of the jackets is Tres’s personal jacket which he has worn in each boat he has tested, trained in and perfected (Size Medium). The other jacket is personally autographed by Tres himself (Size Large).

I am sure you have all heard of wounded warriors and the incredible job they do to bring care, comfort, and healing to our nations wounded warriors and their families.

Powerboat Safety International is a independent not for profit dedicated to bring real solutions to boater safety and education.

You can bid on these jackets HERE until midnight on 31 January….Click HERE to Bid