The original 1991 40 Skater , Predator now owned by Vern Gilbert of West Coast Drives took top honors with their early morning 176 MPH pass. Yesterday at Kenny Armstrong’s Casa Party I got a chance to talk with Gary and Vern about the run . Out on the course a steady wind of about 10 MPH put it right off the port bow quarter. They were able to make this first pass and hit 176 but large swells coming in made the course challenging toward the end of the run.

Vern said they went to make a second pass running a little more negative to deal with the swells but the conditions just wouldn’t let them run the boat for another pass. As it was no one else came close and the Carson Brummett 1,700 hp motors running on E-85 were flawless for the run. Check out our interview with these guys below. Thanks to Devin at Wozencraft for holding the Camera for us!