We’ve got a treat for the gearheads, or just anyone who likes attention to detail and sweet boat features. You’ll soon find out it’s something DCB has in spades. We’ve talked with DCB before about why people are so crazy about their boats, but when you watch this video you won’t have any wonder why they’re one of the best in the game right now. Whether you’re a new boater or already know you want to drop some serious stacks of cash DCB has something for you. But the devil’s in the details, so today we’ll be putting the speed demon known as the M29 under the microscope and seeing what makes it stand out from the crowd.

DCB‘s Tony Chiaramonte lays into just some of the details of the M29: 100% gel coat, even under panels that go unseen under the transom/inside in the boat. Thick double stitching on alcantara matches the same material and style you’d find in a Lamborghini. The high end automotive-esque attention to detail is apparent on the whole boat; the engine compartment is clean enough to eat out of, with fiberglass panels vacuum bagged in after building. If you look at every part of the boat, it’s all polished. Even the nuts, bolts, sea strainer heads, anything that can be disassembled and shined is spiffed up. Depending on engine configuration, you get 100-120 MPH right out the gate. Tony goes into even more details so make sure you check out the whole video below: