We need to say thank you to all our fans!  Following last week’s episode the amount of Interest, Kudos, and Bravo Zulus we have received from all of you for bringing not only the industry news but real exclusive content has been overwhelming.

In this episode we’re in for round two at the 2017 Miami Boat Show . We take a very quick look at the AMGCigarette 50 Marauder.  But wait there is more! Sure, you have seen the pictures and read the words but jump on board with us right  here and live what its like to be on the  awesome 426 SKATER from Performance Boat Center.

2017 continues to provide Powerboat Nation with more and more opportunities to deliver to you what has made us the leader in exclusive video content. While our editorial team is still bringing you the hottest happenings daily, we are most excited to show you the sights and sounds of what it feels like to actually be there.

Stay tuned and enjoy.  We hope you enjoy the ride and maybe get a couple of laughs along the way.