After​ the Miami Boats Show’s premier reveal of one of the industries most followed and reported on new boating projects, the Platinum Series of the new 388 Skater is on the water and showing strong results. The first version belongs to the man behind the inspiration, Bill Pyburn Jr., whose Skater has recently been seen on the water at Poker Runs around the country.

The​ result of the finished Platinum series boats are truly breathtaking from a enthusiast point a view. For ages boat interiors have looked as if they were designed to fit around the sharp edges and square angles that make up a boat’s hull. With a desire to bring the same luxury and refinement you’d seek in a modern high end super car, the interior of these boats started with with the endorsement of Peter Hledin. His expertise was able to accommodate the numerous changes and interior panels required to develop a super luxury style contoured interior.

At last, the interior of these boats matches the incredibly aggressive look of the new cutdown (lowered) deck on the 388 Platinum. These boats were not just designed to be another pretty face – there were hours and hours of design augmentations that took into consideration not only the airflow over the hull, but the effect on the passengers and their comfort level.

All of this was built with the thought in mind that the boats would be filled with the most exotic high horsepower engines available anywhere from Goodwin Competition. This makes this boat perform like no other catamaran in its size and class​. ​The balance of the boat is incredible​ and it handles, turns, accelerates, and simply runs like no other. This is not just a opinion, it is a measurable fact that is a result of a joint comparison of numbers and ride comfort.

Check out our exclusive video from the Tickfaw 200 Poker Run and stand by for more performance data on these over the top performance catamarans.

We have more video coming from Tickfaw 200 as well, so stay tuned.