Testing of the latest SKATER creation continues and so far it has proved to be spectacular!  The boats performance with the 1950 horsepower Goodwin Competition Engines has really been impressive.   The engines have great dock manners and when it brings power if comes hard.   Last weeks testing on Lake Travis delivered 167 MPH at only 6000 RPM at 76% throttle.   When we returned to the water after a prop change we were restricted from higher speed runs due to the amount of other boats on the lake and decided to return another day when we have more room to run free.

Just the look of this boat shows the level of detailed thought and collaboration that took place to have a finished product that is unparalleled.   We already know SKATER builds boats that bring a level of performance that is unrivaled and now they delivered a boat that stands out from the rest just by the way it looks.

Stay tuned for our future features on this Powerboating Piece of Art and let us know what you think!