On the 19th Matthew Gordon and Ed Dawson made their first attempt to break the ‘AROUND LONG ISLAND Record’ in their Hustler 377 Talon Cat. They started just after 8 am at Buoy 32A, located mid-sound between Greenwich, CT and Oyster Bay, NY.Things started off well and they maintained a 90+ MPH pace, but soon after running into mother nature’s ‘big seas’ as they passed Smithtown Bay, just northeast of Port Jefferson, NY the water conditions changed rapidly and they were forced down to a 40 MPH pace, which would be insufficient to make the challenge. They carried enough fuel in their 4 tanks to make it non-stop endure the full 271 mile challenge but the reduced pace and choppy seas would have made running short a strong possibility. They returned to port, frustrated…but not defeated. They will try again very soon…stay tuned. The course map and segments of the Kattack online GPS map have been added to the video. This run was sanctioned by the National Powerboat Association.