2017 continues to provide Powerboat Nation with more and more opportunities to deliver to you what has made us the leader in exclusive video content.  While our editorial team is still bringing you the hottest happenings daily, we are most excited to show you the sights and sounds of what it feels like to actually be there.

Following up on what so many of you loved in our Key West excursion from 4 months ago, we set out to try some new things, expand our team, and dig deeper into what truly shines and makes Miami the heart beat of boat show season.

Follow along with us as we arrive in Miami for the 2017 Miami Boat Show. With boat tests, boat reviews, and the party of the year.  Follow PBN for the next half dozen episodes as we Rock the Boat Show! This week our team arrives in Miami despite a number of problems getting the team together and as the PBN party approaches within days, trouble crops up as PBN’s head count allotment for the party might get cut!