Just when it seems like the only thing hot or shaking in the California summer could be an out of control fire or earth quake, out of nowhere pops up an unsanctioned gathering of what this valley hasn’t seen in decades, hot boats! It was a real deal, blown and injected drag boats race, where you could find numerous hot boats thundering down a timed, professionally laid out course in the heart of the Silicon Valley. There has never been something so fantastically out of place in Silicon Valley. This is the land of electric vehicles, home to Tesla, latte’s and the land of fruits and nuts, not alcohol belching fire puffing drag boats.

In the midst of some of California’s priciest real estate with front yards of vineyards a mere 3 miles from the bustling hwy 101 lies a little reservoir that hasn’t seen a boat run faster than 15 MPH for over 30+ years. It seems only fitting to our industry that someone found a loop hole and pulled off access to the reservoirs where they were able to launch about 40,000HP worth of bad-to-the-bone drag boat. On a warm, beautiful Saturday just a mountain range from the ocean, these guys light this place up!

PBN was kindly hosted by Vince of RPM’s out of Burlingame, CA, and he provided cart blanche access to all of the action. We were able to capture a ton of great video and wanted to share what could be one of the most miraculous stunts pulled off in California since a Hollywood block buster.

With most Bay Area boating events shut down and the California drag boat scene seemingly pummeled to death, it was an amazing day to see right over the hill of Apple’s campus and Googles head quarters there were hard core drag boats making wide open 1000ft passes.

Just goes to show you there are still miracles in this world…