It just keeps coming back and we have more and more great content for you. It takes some time to capture it all but with a bunch of work the video is sorted, spliced, and then made to come alive.

A hearty cast of characters proved that the fun was really just being on hand to witness it all. Of course if you weren’t there then you can be happy PBN was around to capture at least tiny little pieces of it all. For me the trip in its entirety was the coolest part. Trialering boats for hours on hours up from Florida, boating for a few hours and towing home. The small parts and pieces of the trip make the whole of the experience what it is.

I think this is just a video episode, because there is way too much to cut through.

Thanks again to Brand X Hi Performance Marine

Here are some of the Boats of Tickfaw

Here are some of the Girls of Tickfaw