Jay Marshall, the 61 year old driver from Baton Rouge, LA crashed during a vintage power boat exhibition run a the APBA Gold Cup in Detroit. The accident occured just after 2:30 p.m. in the Roostertail Turn. The boat flipped, and Marshall was thrown out of the craft.

He was promptly rescued and taken on a stretcher to the race medical center near the pit tower. Marshall appeared to be ok and waved to the crowd shore following the wreck. It is reported he has only suffered scrapes and bruises and was to be transferred to Detroit Receiving Hospital.

His boat, a 5.0-liter vintage boat named “Tijuana Taxi” was heavily damaged in the crash.

Last year during very choppy conditions, three boats blew over in spectacular fashion. Although conditions for this years event seem to be much better, drivers still need to be careful as today’s accident shows.

We will update as more details become available.