The Powerboat Nation has no boundaries! We have friends everywhere building some of the most impressive water rockets in the world. Here is one of WARSPEED Racing’sfounder Troy Worsey’s latest projects and an example of Aussie power at work. Troy was kind enough to pull back the veil and give us a look at what they are currently building as well as give us a look into some of their other handy work. With over 18 years in the engine building business and having been around boats since he was a child, It seems in this part of the world the passion and pastime of boating leads directly to Ski racing. Troy learned to ski at just 4 years old and was entered in his first ski race at 6. This very early and young entry laid the foundation for a full throttle future. Over the last 5 years WAR SPEED has grown into their own prepping and building their own race boats as well as building engines for customers. Troy exclaims “all of our boats are for Ski Racing or for the fast social boat scene.”

Like so many of the world’s best builders Troy started as an enthusiast and has grown his brand into a strong leader in the Australian performance marine market.. The future for WARSPEED is to remain under acceleration. They will continue to offer custom speed boats as well as open an all new parts and accessories offerings for the Australian and Asian markets.

Current projects include this example that is running Garrett GTX4202R ball bearing turbos. Troy said these work great for 1100hp with a 60 compressor a/r and a 1.440 turbine a/r ratio. The engine is 556ci twin turbo, intercooled and injected. The turbos are not water jacketed. It’s running a full MoTeC ECU and Data Logger with 8 EGT’s, Duel Lambda and all pressure and temp sensors.

A turbo 400 transmission and a full dry sump Mercury Racing #6 drive. The engine is making around 1500Hp and is one of their specialties. Troy believes there is nothing that can match turbo power and sees it as the future for all HP marine engines.

Troy and the crew at WARSPEED Racing have been doing recent installs of the Whipple Supercharger product line and are soon to be installing the new Mercury Racing Twin Turbo QC4v 1100 and 1350 motors. They are anxious to test the new Hardin Marine twin turbo offering when it is finally made available.