Rapidly becoming the pinnacle of all poker runs is the infamous raft up. If you’re not familiar with the “Raft up”, it’s pretty simple: It’s the sort of like the planets revolving around the sun or the hive with the queen bee at its center, the heart beat of its surroundings. In this case the center of the event, or host would have to be none other than Kenny Armstrong who had his Ship captain take his beautiful and yet massive 70′ Viking out to be the center of the raft up for all to enjoy.

The raft up is kind of like Disney world for adults or let’s just call it the second happiest amusement park in the world. With well over a hundred thousand horsepower on display and literally well over 100 of the most beautiful women you’ve seen anywhere (Think SI Swim suit edition) and the best music thumping through your soul made for a party like you might find on any weekend in Vegas at the Hard Rock pool.

So sure you’ve read about it and looked at a few pictures but hey at Powerboat Nation we know you want to feel it and the only way were going to make that happen is through video. And the only way you get that is with our participation to bring it to you… So we sent our staff along the treacherous waves to capture just some glimpses of what we can show you and still keep but a shred of integrity.

So whether you enjoy the scenery, the high performance hardware (Yes were talking boats), the lovely ladies, or our friend Bill in Pure Platinum cruising on back from the Raft Up, we just hope you enjoy as much as we enjoy bringing you all that happens in the power boating world.