Center Console popularity has exploded in recent years in no small part to the rise of the muscleboat segment. This is a segment where power and speed are the sole focus and as long as you’ve got a hard top (or “T Top”) anything goes!

That’s why this year at LOTO, performance center console builder Sunsation Powerboats of Algonac, MI, is holding a contest to find who has the fastest CC, with the winner getting a prize of $1,000! As Sunsation made the move earlier this year to focus exclusively on center console development, they have proven to be able to deliver top-of-the-line boats with the power to match, like in their 29, 32, and 43 CCX models.

So it’s only fitting that at the “fastest event on the water” this year, we should also get the chance to see who has the fastest CC.

Half the winning $1,000 will go to charity. Other than that, any choice of power is acceptable. “You can have however many motors you want,” Morris said. “They can be 300s, 400s, or whatever.”

We’re looking forward to seeing the turnout as no doubt we’ll see top models from Mystic, Nor-Tech, Cigarette, Sonic, Statement, and Sunsation all competing for the highest speed. We’ll see you there!