After last year’s record breaking Maple City Grand Prix that saw in excess of 20,000 spectators, this year it’s back and promising to be even bigger than ever!

The kickoff to the 2016 season in Maple City, hosted by the city itself along with Visit Michigan City LaPorte, is ready to blow the doors wide open, featuring 45 race teams that will have you screamin’ and hollerin’ as they tear around the course at speeds over 140 mph.

The event will take place Friday to Sunday at Stone Lake. Friday starts things off in traditional powerboat racing fashion with a massive block party and boat parade that gives all of the teams a chance to personally interact with their fans


“The USF1 tour have told us all the drivers consider La Porte their favorite spot on the tour. In 2015, we had more boats than any race site on the tour,” said Brett Binversie, the La Porte County Convention and Visitors Bureau representative for the city of La Porte. (Chicago Tribune)

“One of the great things is the Friday night block party and boat parade that launch the event. The drivers lover to intermingle with the crowd and line up three deep on State Street at the block party. They love it. They take pictures with the kids. They’re like rock stars. (Chicago Tribune)

Saturday kicks things up a notch with testing and time trials at Lake Stone accompanied by live music and an evening a fireworks provided by well known Melrose Pyrotechnics.

And finally Sunday is what everyone has been waiting for. Racing. During Sunday spectators will get to watch their favorite boats fly across the water at ludicrous speeds and make hairpin turns at 60+ mph, trying to beat out the competition in hopes of taking home the trophy.

With free admission as usual and only a parking fee, we can expect a massive turnout this year and we’re looking forward to seeing some racing!212