If you are asking the question or wondering why we may have some answers for you.

Authenticity-We run the forum after we are done running our boats, bikes, cars, and wrenching on our motors.

Passion-The business model is to be successful because we are truly passionate about powerboating and we wanted a place to hang out where others can share the same passion

NO BS or Whining-The true technical knowledge and information passed from our Subject Matter Experts to the members brings value that you can’t buy anywhere.

If you want to participate in the growth of this incredible on line community, all we ask is join us. If you want to brand your participating then it’s a tiny throw of $4.99 and we will ship you a $15.00 T-shirt. To us it’s really not about the money as much as welcoming you to the Club. Your online contribution drives the passion for us to deliver more back to you that anyone else.

Throughout 2013 we will continually have new features coming at you all the time. We want to share our passion for Powerboating with all of our friends and supporters.

Well if you asked yourself WTF? (Where’s the Fun?)

Power Boat Nation will cover more PowerBoat events and functions with actual staff and membership Coast to Coast. Actual Staff with be On Scene. We won’t just pay for content from pooled journalists. If you enjoy like minded boaters that are at the heart of the boating scene then there is no other place to go than Power Boat Nation.

What’s so different about Power Boat Nation?

Just Powerboaters I mean REAL powerboaters. This may sound crazy but were owned, operated, managed, and run by all boaters, boaters so driven and inspired to provide the ultimate boating resource to all of us. I mean boaters who are in the know and at the heart of the industry, and who have got their ears in the water and committed to give back more to this industry through this forum than anyone ever has before.

  • The Leader in Tech Support
  • The Leader in Powerboating News
  • First at behind the scenes stories
  • Unlimited photo and video coverage
  • Inter-active Member support

Power Boat Nation Membership is your chance to be part of something that makes a difference and gives it all back to the membership.

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