As the marine industry is rapidly embracing GM’s LS design and these engines are ending up in boats across the country, it’s no doubt we were excited when World Products Inc. released their latest Motown LS. This 427 cubic inch 620-650 horsepower monster engine encompasses the best of both new and old technology by bringing together their latest Motown LS block as well as GM LS3 cylinder heads. Late-model cylinder head technology combines with traditional engine block design to offer a platform that performs flawlessly in performance applications..

The goal was to design an engine that could be seamlessly and quickly implanted into an older vehicle without the typical hassle of cooling and spacing issues. As a result, everything in the engine below the cylinder heads is small block Chevy. As an added bonus, all old small block accessory parts bolt right on for easy application. This unique design comes with many positive gains, the most prominent being that it uses traditional technology like the HEI distributor and carburetor but still takes advantage of the way the LS heads flow, resulting in big power.. In addition to this it uses a small block Chevy oil system and takes advantage of the reverse cooling of the LS system, allowing the user to run more compression and in turn make more power with more timings.

The main issue with an original small block is that on a small block it pushes the water through the engine block then returns it through the cylinder head. To keep detonation down you have to have water pressure in the cylinder head and this was clearly not an efficient way to do it. In response to this, Chevy designed their old LT1 that pushes the water into the cylinder head, pressurizing the head and returning the water out of the block where there are lesser temperatures. World Products uses this concept in their latest engine and has designed a reverse cooling kit. This is groundbreaking as it now allows the engine to run at 10.8, 10.9, or even 11 to 1 compression on 98 octane gas and have zero detonation issues.

This revolutionary design and kit coupled with its ease of application makes it a no-brainer for all those motor heads out there looking for increased power while maintaining cooling and reducing detonation issues. Dick Boyer is rightly proud of their new design and his passion will surely lead to more innovations in the future.

“One of the things that’s great about the job that I have, I actually get to do what I love” – Dick Boyer