When you buy a boat brand new and keep it for 43 years you can bet there has to be a really strong emotional attachment to that particular boat. Such is the case for Robert Real who just had to have his 1971 DONZI 18 Corsican completely redone.

This project was to be one that brought the boat back to life. Larry Goldman of Miami’s Xtreme Powerboatstook on the project that took the boat all the way down to a bare hull. They replaced nearly everything with new or restored parts, the original vintage Logos were replicated, the original DONZI Gauge Bezels were bronzed and chromed which was a very delicate renewal because if they are damaged their is no chance of finding replacements. New Gauges and a N-Control Hotfoot control were used to make the boat modern in operation but yet kept the boat with its original look.

Robert did want to keep the original drive but the engine is a brand new 350 Mercury Magnum.

The interior project was handled by Fineline Marine Interiors. Larry told us that Mike Mears was a great in complementing the project with his ingenuity and expertise in making these projects come out the best they can be.

This great project is just one of three recent full restorations being completed at Xtreme Powerboats