REWIND PBN 2013 The year in review:

Years end always brings reflection, measure, where we have been, and that usually leads to where you are going. Considering myself to always be looking forward with the overly optimistic full cup runneth over outlook, looking back is something I seldom do. But at times I do recognize our future is guided and influenced by the past and the reflections of where we have been can accelerate where we going and where we need to be.

This last year at Powerboat Nation was our first full year and when I remove my personal tendency to look only at the things needing improvement and objectively inventory what we have accomplished it is pretty remarkable. Besides our event participation highlights which are a big part of what we do the acceptance and desire and enthusiasm from the literally thousands of new viewers and members really sent the message back to us of just how much you all have enjoyed this journey with us.

We left the Key West Poker Run in 2012 and ran right into the Miami Boat Show and Miami Boat Show Poker Run of 2013. We know that if you missed our South Beach Party you may as well missed the boat show. Things ran hard and we were able to attend a few more runs and with the exception of the shuttering tragedy at Lake Cumberland, we went boating, had fun, made new friends, ruffled some feathers and kept going.

For me personally, the biggest value of looking back is to remember why I wanted to take on this new chapter in my life. I reflected back to the boating road trip Cherie and I took in July of 2012 when we trailered the Cigarette to Lake Coeur D’Alene, in Northern Idaho for the 4th of July. This was where I grew up boating and wanted to go on a trailer boating trip across North America to show what could be done. I felt something was missing from the connection we used to have between the world of the web and the world of real life. I have reposted parts of this trip in forums to bring the idea back to life and encourage others to step out and just go powerboating. Hopefully that vision is felt and brings some resonance to you the readers, members, and powerboaters.

As we step into 2014 know this one truth, Powerboat Nation is for you it will become as strong and fulfilling as you want it to be for you. You can be assured we are going nowhere but forward and I will fill this thing with as much fuel as I can myself to keep us under acceleration. We all believe our commitments are more lofty than anyone or anything else. We will have more features, attend more events, and bring you more news about the industry than maybe you can consume. The companies that advertise and support our brand also have some more exciting things to bring that will again and again make PowerBoatNation one of your favorite online visits.

BTW, If you had a good time at last years Miami Boat Show PBN Party or you felt like you missed something. This year’s 2014 party is really going to leave a mark!