You Could Now Serve 3 Years in Prison for BUI in North...

You Could Now Serve 3 Years in Prison for BUI in North Carolina

North Carolina has finally signed into effect as of December 1st, a new law that targets boating under the influence offenders.

The new law, named Sheyenne’s Law after the 17 year old girl that was killed by a drunk boater while knee-boarding with her family, changes the felony classification of BUIs as well as toughen the penalties for conviction.

The new law makes it so that boating while impaired has been changed from a misdemeanor to a felony and the class of the felony will be dependent upon the driver and the specifics of the case.

A conviction under the previous law meant that they were served a fine of up to $250. But with the new law anyone convicted will now face up to 3 years in prison.

This law is a step towards a much more appropriate legal approach to boating while impaired and we hope the rest of the country will soon follow in north Carolina’s footsteps.