What we are referring to here is engine oil temperature. For many engine oil temperature is one of those things that’s taken for granted. Many people assume some oil temperature is fine or they presume if it’s similar to their engine water temperature that it must be fine. The fact is low oil temperature is one of the most frequent engine killers that goes undetected . Too cool or inadequate oil temperature causes excessive frictional drag and wear on an engines bearings, pistons, cylinder walls and valve train. For those unaware for every pound of fuel (6 pounds in a Gallon) burned through an engine that the combustion process generates an equal pound of water inside of an engine. If engine oil doesn’t reach or exceed 212 degrees ( boiling point of water) the moisture inside the engine will mix with sulfur, another combustion product and create acids that will actually eat away at an engines bearings.

These issues can easily be solved by making sure your engines oil reaches preferred operating temperatures . Companies such as Hardin Marine have expanded the marine industries realm of options to make sure these issues can be cured in nearly any application. Hardin Marine’s latest offering is a engine block mounted temperature control adapter. This unit bypasses the engines oil away form the engine oil cooler until it reaches optimum temperature and the thermostat then directs the engine oil to the oil cooler.

They also offer remote mounted engine oil thermostats for easy mounting and use on any engine model. Quality conventional motor oils will tolerate oil sump/pan temperatures of up to about 260 degrees but start breaking down over 275 degrees. The optimum goal should be to hold oil temperatures between 220 and 260 degrees. Keep in mind that performance engines are built to work in harmony with their moving parts. Piston-to-cylinder wall clearances, piston ring end gaps , bearing clearances are specifically precision assembled to match the optimum oil temperature.

Bottom line making sure your engines oil temp is correct is as important to your engine as the blood flowing through your veins so take care of it and you’ll not only save a ton of money but enjoy a lot more days boating.

Hardin’s New Block Adapter

A Typical Oil Cooler

Hardin’s Remote Oil Thermostat