From all points of view it is clear to see the boating industry its going through some pretty huge transformations. The facts are YOU as power boaters play a big role in the growth and ultimate success with how you support the industry. We are in a time in history where the value of an individual might seem irrelevant, but as a collective voice we are in fact very powerful. In recent surveys one of the biggest challenges facing our industry was an aging demographic and getting new people into the sport of power boating.

Many in the industry are starting to take a hard look at how to attract new blood. There are two components to this equation one being cost and another being participation. We believe there are very few if any newcomers that have been introduced to the sport that don’t fall in love with the feeling that boating provides them from exhilaration to relaxation. At Powerboat Nation we are asking you for 2014 to make a resolution to bring someone new to the world of powerboating. If all of us as individuals made just a small contributions the collective benefit could be something much bigger that we could have imagined.

Next we need to look to the boat manufacturers and even more to the power providers of this industry to drive affordable entry level options. These aren’t the most profitable of boats or engines but they are the future of our survival. I can tell you the desire by some to accomplish this out there but these boat manufacturers need to hear from you so when you’re at the boat show ask them and talk with them you may be amazed what’s on their minds.

In a recent interview with Peter Hledin of Skater Powerboats he acknowledged how his business had grown from small, more entry level boats and his desire to help drive that market segment again. He has some great ideas for some new models in the mid 20″ foot range that could be powered by some new more affordable engine options.

There are some new and unique options and the manufactures need to know there is an interest and they will make the investments to support the market The Miami boat show will be a buzz with some new power plant options in the 400-525HP range that should definitely have everyone asking and wondering what is possible.

The bottom line is if you love the sport then support the sport in whatever way that may be. Get involved by just sharing your thoughts in our forums and yes our forums are different. We are actually boat owners and we love this sport and hope you share all of your experiences with us as we do with you. Above all we really do care about all of this and we will champion your messages to the industry.