There isn’t a boater alive that hasn’t experienced some sort of engine failure. If you are PBN TV’s own JW Davis and you happen to be sporting three engines in your 42 Outerlimits, what might you do if all three motors required full rebuilds​? ​You just switch gears and go find your thrills elsewhere in the biggest mud hole you can find instead of on the lake.​

Before​ the world even new what a tough mudder course was, and back when mud was still a dirty word our own JW was a bonafide ​mud racer​. So tucked away in the back of a shop sits a 1500 horsepower fire breathing, mud bogging missile

​So with a wounded water rocket and knowing you can’t rush a good engine machine shop, he dusted off his trusty steed and went back to racing. Most everyone in the mud racing world will be happy to know his boat is done because he can stop racking up wins and go back to the water where he belongs. This past weekend was a Davis family event for him and cousin Jake Davis brought home first in the Unlimited (top level class) in both flat pit and hill and hole competition.

But it’s time to wash off ol’ JW and get him shined back up so he Miss PBN Brittany can meet us at TICKFAW for more filming of our upcoming series!