After 26 years on the run, Gustavo Falcon has been arrested in Kissimmee, FL on the charges of trafficking.

The last original member of the “Cocaine Cowboys,” a trio of playboy drug dealers known for powerboat racing, owning mansions and flying in private jets, Falcon was just arrested by federal marshals while on a bike ride with his wife. The arrest went smoothly and Falcon even admitted to his identity without any pressuring from authorities.

Falcon and his two associates, brother Willy Falcon, and Sal Magluta were indicted in 1991 for bringing in over 75 tons of cocaine from Columbia worth around $2 billion between 1978 and 1991. After dropping out of high school to deal drugs, they quickly became one of the top 5 drug trafficking entities in the nation.

During his arrest on Wednesday, federal officials said Gustavo had fake driver’s licenses dating back to 1997 that used fake addresses in Miami in his possession.

He also had fake licenses for his wife, Amelia, and children, who are now aged in their 30s, authorities said.

Golden said the couple went by the name of Luis Reiss and Maria Reiss. (