We all know what it’s like to wear a bulky, uncomfortable life vest. But what if it didn’t have to be so uncomfortable? Aegis Lifeshirt has the solution. Designed by entrepreneur Rosario Proma, the Lifeshirt came about in response to an incident where his son was dragged out into the ocean by an undercurrent. Although the on-duty lifeguard was able to save his son, Proma was haunted by the event and began his search for a better alternative to the current PFD’s not often worn by beach goers and the like.

The Lifeshirt can be set to automatic or manually activated by a pull handle on the shoulder, expanding the C02-cylinder-activated bladder around the torso and upper neck. The latest design is a form fitting shirt that includes an internal liner, mesh ventilation panels, and UPF 50+ fabric. Classified as a Level 50 device, it’s not quite yet approved by the Coast Guard but they are currently developing a Level 70 device which they hope to debut this summer.

We look forward to seeing the next designs and how effective these new, innovative “shirts” will be when put to the test.