Powerboat Nation could not be happier than to welcome Autometer Marine. Autometer Marine was behind the founding of the industry‚Äôs first monster sized race marine instruments. A lot has changed since the introduction of the first marine gauge and Autometer Marine continues to lead the way in performance marine instrumentation. They offer complete packages for in both standard 2″ & 3-3/8″ and Monster 2-5/8″ & 5″ instruments in a an array of finishes including White, Platinum, Platinum/Chrome and Carbon Fiber finishes. Autometer Marine cut their teeth in the racing world and is without a doubt the preferred gauge used by race teams in their high performance machines and you don’t survive the grueling world of racing unless you are reliable and accurate.

Autometer Marine has been in development of an all new GPS Speedometer system for over two years. They didn’t want just a speedometer function they wanted to offer the marine industry a intelligent multi-function instrument with enough features to virtually obsolete other brands. When it came time to release this unit they looked to Powerboat Nation. They recognize our members are performance minded and appreciate top of the line performance accessories more than anywhere else.

Autometer used their years of competition gauge manufacturing to evaluate not only what was lacking in current GPS Speedometer technology but to also evaluate the signal and receiver so that they could reduce the cost making this technology more affordable to all boaters. Best of all the new gauge is loaded with exclusive features such as a digital display featuring an eight function menu. This menu provides Heading or Compass course, Peak Speed, Time of day, Trip meter, giving distance covered as well as a total distance odometer, location in Latitude and Longitude coordinates, Hour meter, and comes with variable brightness with (6) six levels of brightness adjustment.

So not only is Autometer upping the stakes in the world of GPS Speedometers they are doing it for a fraction of the money. The new unit uses a receiver that sells for less than $100 compared to other brands that sell theirs for well over $200. The complete gauge and receiver packages start at only $369.99, this new low cost receiver matched with a competition race proven design as well as an entire series of gauges to match should make Autometer your next choice in performance instruments