This last weekend brought another HUGE power boating extravaganza to the water. I just spoke to Chip Miller of Michigan Miller Marina – A Full service Marina located in St. Clair Shores on the Nautical Mile and of course he was slammed preparing Skaters to participate in SkaterFest that was hosted this last weekend by Ron Szolack who has owned/owns variety of fast powerboats many of them SKATERS.

The weekend at Lake St Clair also brought JOBBIE NOONER, Everything Jobbie Nooner related |¬†and Welcome to! If you don’t know or ever been, this powerboating event in my estimation is the single largest one of its kind event in the world. Thousands of boats were running around the lake and all congregated on a small island near the Canadian Border know as Gull Island.

Prior to the weekend Chip told me he had four Skaters at his marina more were coming and had heard twelve boats were confirmed but expected more. Skaterfest is unique to many other manufacturer regattas because it was initiated, supported, and run by the customers rather than the builder showing how strong the passion for the brand rally is.

Jobbie Nooner had nothing to do with SkaterFest but only addes to the adventure and excitement of the weekend on Lake St Clair. In the past over 1000 boats have been recorded rafted together. Chip told me guys will come to the marina the day of and want to buy cheap boats just to go to Gull Island, never owned a boat, never been in a boat, but they have to get to the party on the island.

If you read my boating while intoxicated article you can find the reference about he guy who despite having his boat at the bottom of the shipping channel only really cared about getting to the island with his Vodka Melon.

The history of Jobbie Nooner goes back to the early 1980’s and I encourage you all to read about it, and attend it, I have and it is worth the effort.