American Ethanol took home the title of Top Gun at this year’s GLOC Shootout with an incredible record breaking 206 mph run by the fleet of spectators lining the course.

The nearly 8,000 hp boat is piloted by driver Slug Hefner and throttleman John Cosker. After setting the mark  so high Saturday, the duo was able to put the boat on the trailer and sleep soundly knowing their numbers were unbeatable and that it was in their best interest to save the boat for the LOTO Shootout.

Team Gone Again in the very well known and recognized 32 Skater was edged out this year by a mere 2 mph as Tagge and Melley in their open-cockpit 36′ Skater posted a 188 mph run just ahead of Mungle and Lockwood’s 186 mph. Unfortunately for Team Gone Again during their fourth run of the day on Sunday they suffered a breakdown as their port engine started emitting blue smoke and then died.

Overall this year was truly successful and event organizers were pleased with the turnout, so we can definitely look forward to next year being even bigger and better, and FASTER!

Congratulations to everyone who ran!  Here are the complete 2016 Results