Believe it or not one of our biggest challenges at Powerboat Nation is our ability to get an apparel provider to get what we want, when we want it and have it be as good as we expect it to be.  From the west coast to Florida we have tried all the known names in the apparel business and with the exception of one they have all been HUGE LOSERS…….

The only one who has performed to a High Performance Level is Aaron Roberts and his team at IR Designs.  Aaron has the unique ability to see what you have and then determine what you need.  He also has a huge array of different styles of apparel and even custom build one of kind creations.

In our High Performance world we need high performance apparel and while this entire piece may sound like an advertisement for IR, for us it is really the truth.  Finding a reliable supplier who can develop the art and manufacture the product is really tough.  We hope you like the results as much as the Powerboat Nation girls do!