You can try and make a cool video with next level editing, awesome rock ‘n’ roll soundtracks, and tons of girls in bikinis, but we know that what you really want is to hear the raw, awesome power of unparalleled high performance supercats and vee-bottoms flying past at high speeds on their way to Key West! One complaint we get a lot is how we often put music over footage of boats running. Most often this is because all the mic picks up is wind noise, not engines. This year in Key West we did our best to improve our setup, so you could hear the engines, not the music.

And here it is. Pure performance footage. No music and nothing to taint the purity of custom Chief Hi Performance , Goodwin Competition and other motors roaring at high rpm as they fly by you. We had the great opportunity to be on the water filming as everyone made their way to Gilbert’s on key Largo at the Thursday Departure for the 2016 Key West Poker Run.

So sit back and enjoy the video you’ve really been waiting for and experience the thrill of performance boating for yourself no matter where you are!