When it comes to performance and accuracy the entire performance world turns to Autometer for the best instruments and gauges for perfect sure fire accuracy required in these high performance applications . In the quest to build the most extreme high performance Skater PowerBoats with the new extreme Goodwin Competition engines producing a staggering near 2000 HP the performance and accuracy of the instruments had to be the very best available.

“The choice to look to Autometer was a no brainier” Bill Pyburn said. He also pointed out that when he approached Autometer about the project that they were excited and anxious to work with him to deliver exactly what he wanted.

These new Autometer Gauges will feature custom painted face dials by TAOD as well as custom programming and finishing to the instruments by Autometer. Pyburn pointed out that most of the details about the new boats have been kept very quiet and the instruments are just one of hundreds of details that have been painstakinly evaluated and not a single aspect of these boats has been over looked .

The Devil is in the details and only the very best components are being considered for these builds. Autometer is the undisputed leader in gauges and instruments and only the very best of every part and piece are being used on these extreme builds.