Sometimes the some of the best things come from the simplest of efforts. I know its not that simple and it takes someone willing to put in a bunch of hard work and effort to bring a powerboating event to a city and then get everyone onboard. Luckily for 55 boaters the guy who is making this all happen is Russ Matos. What has started out from a man wanting to give back to children and the armed servicemen of this country has truly grown into a gem of a powerboating event.

This past weekend the Boating Toys For Tots Tour saluted our US Marines in addition to bringing toys the boaters as they also gave rides to Military Service Personal as a show of support for all they contribute to the safety and security of this great nation.

Thankfully PowerBoatNation was able to take in this great event in thanks to support from BrandX Hi Performance Marine. I can tell you personally that the boating environment and conditions are fabulous and this is a under recognized event.

The weather was perfect and nothing could be better than to be boating in t-shirts in December. We got to see a lot of fellow power boaters and friends from ScreamandFly.Com and following which makes it great for everyone to all share what these events bring to all of us. The fleet of boats gathered for a raft up and then headed for the lunch stop down the St John river at Palatka for some great camaraderie and holiday spirit.