With a varied array of wideband gauges and gauge qualities already on the market, AutoMeter is blasting to the forefront with the release of their latest Pro Plus Wideband Gauges that offer the highest levels of performance and reliability to date.

Knowing the exact air/fuel mixture while running is imperative to the performance of your craft. AutoMeter’s new gauges take advantage of a new, advanced calibration that automatically calibrates your gauge on startup, every startup, to ensure peak performance every second. With unparalleled accuracy over its entire lifespan and no free air calibration ever required, these new gauges are simply the next step in the evolution of the performance world. In addition to auto calibration, AutoMeter’s Pro Plus Wideband Gauges are compatible with almost any fuel type and are designed with a configurable display to focus on whatever areas you need most. To top it off they have an advanced peak recall function and lean warning system that ensure the safety and power of your engine at all times. Data logging output for one wire and two wire systems is included as expected.

Simply put, there is no measurable equivalent to the accuracy of these new gauges and they will no doubt become an integral part of all high performance setups.


  • Display in AFR or Lambda
  • 4.9 LSU sensor provides the fastest, most accurate readings available on the market – No free air calibration required
  • Configurable wide open throttle warning and peak recall
  • Programmable 0-5v and serial data output for aftermarket engine management or data logging
  • Pro-Control output allows automatic control of other power systems – Nitrous, water/methanol injection, or safety shutoff
  • Adjustable for Alternate Fuel Types (Ethanol, Methanol, Propane, CNG) 6:1 to 18:1 AFR Range for
  • Alternate Fuel Types
  • Compact design matches existing AutoMeter gauges
  • Compatible with carbureted or fuel injected engines