We have already told you when Skater and Bill Pyburn Jr. looked at the performance level of the new Platinum Skater it was unanimous the boat was going to demand the most accurate instrumentation money could buy. When faced with the decision for standard gauges and a quick review of what is currently used in most of the new production performance boats they very quickly recognized that for real high performance the only choice was to use the professional race standard and reach out to Autometer.

A few challenges did come up because Autometer doesn’t build a 200 mph plus, GPS. Now we know nothings impossible and because the Autometer GPS uses technology years ahead of the competition, their team was able to quickly design a new program to run the gauge up to the speeds needed. These gauge respond faster and are more accurate than previous GPS models and will prove to be very accurate and not report false speeds.

Next on the list of items went to artist extraordinaire Dean Loucks of The Art of Design (TAOD). Dean was required to hand air brushed multiple layers of custom candy colors to exactly match the new Platinum paint scheme on each dial while laying down the Pure Platinum silhouette female in the center of each instrument dial panel.

From there Autometer was able to run simulated testing on each gauge to verify performance. This test feature is the same process used on every NASCAR instrument they build. Autometer is really the only instrument manufacture that has this level of experience with a gauges at these high speeds and in the most demanding of environments in Motorsports.

From here they gauges are awaiting assembly into an all new never before seen Skater dash assembly. If your fortunate enough to make the Miami boat show don’t miss what is sure to be one of the most spectacular Skater unveiling ever.

Special thanks to the Autometer team for the photos and all of their support!