OK so the worlds full of doubters or maybe its haters, but one things for sure the truth is in the numbers. This isn’t just some engine builder playing with a dyno to create a positive outcome, this is an independent team of guys from Dustin Whipple , Todd Goodwin, Jason Ventura and more, on hand to witness the culmination of months of work and design advancements and YES these monsters are ALIVE! and better than everyone planned.

These particular masterpieces at Goodwin Competition Engines are going into Bill Pyburns Pure Platinum Edition Skaters. With over 60 sensors plugged into the engines monitoring every cylinders ignition, every aspect of the cooling system, all air temps, and cylinder pressures, all the while data logging all of it. The first dyno pull resulted in a mere warm up of an easy 1700 plus horsepower. Then after some tuning by Dustin Whipple they are pulling a mind blowing 1940 horsepower at 6800 rpm with torque #’s at 4000 rpm that are unheard of, but we have been asked to keep that all close to the cuff. So if you know what that means you have it all figured out! This is all done on 91 octane fuel right from the corner gas station and with a little more tune work the results will get even better.

For anyone that doubts just stand by…….These engines ARE going to change the landscape of the upper end of the performance marine power. While the OEM’s scamper to try and make 1650 horsepower live with race gas, the pump gas market is being rewritten through a product that has been developed with extreme detail and all smallest of minor details usually overlooked by most builders are thought out, engineered, verified, tested, and probed for failures.

Guys like Bill Pyburn Jr. and Chris Bradley saw the future and realized if your going to be at the top of the game you need technology. So they stepped up, wrote big checks, and are getting big results. Beyond the big HP numbers on pump gas they have every expectation these engines will last well beyond anything else available.