World Products is the pioneer in aftermarket cast iron cylinder heads and has built a legacy on the performance gains they have brought to the marine industry.

While the technology continues to improve in the casting process for these great products, the materials, parts, and pieces that go into them has also evolved. Recently we were privy to an install happening at Chief Performance in South Florida We noticed the exhaust valves bore a unique finish and look. After a call to the companies rep Harry Miller we were told that Worlds Parent company is a giant in the camshaft and valve train world and their research allows them the advantage to building a better cylinder head than say someone that just has heads cast and machined. Miller pointed out that the valves were the latest offerings in severe duty Inconel applications.

The latest cast iron big block marine MERLIN cylinder heads are available in both oval and rectangular port designs, with intake ports offered in 310 & 345 cc configurations. The superior intake and exhaust runner designs have proven horsepower gains over OEM cylidner heads by as much as 100HP in just a head swap.

These heads are available with valves only or with complete assemblies that feature multi-angle valve jobs, stainless steel intake valves and Inconel exhaust valves, retainers, keepers, seals. and hydraulic roller compatible valve springs.

Its that time of year to be getting your boat ready for the upcoming season if more power is on your mind then this just may be the answer to a powerful powerboating season!