6 years in a row! That’s how long the powerhouse companies Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing have been collaborating to annually release 2 of the most iconic performance concepts to actually see daylight. The partnership and its ensuing wonderful mayhem has become so legendary that even the massive performance industry news outlet AUTOWEEK.COM can’t ignore how insanely unique the collaboration is.

In case you’ve somehow missed all the hubbub over the last week here is a quick recap on just how impressive the collaboration is. Both the car and the boat were designed by Daimler-Benz AG Design Chief, Gorden Wagener. His vision was to make the boat reflect the design of the Mercedes-AMG GT3, wide and mean. He clearly accomplished this and more. The boat is Cigarette’s most powerful center-console to date. Forty-one feet long and sporting dual 1100HP outboards, the 41′ SD GT3 can surpass speeds of 100MPH limited only by its propellers. The car is no afterthought. Using AMG’s aspirated 6.2-liter V8 she operates at about 600HP and makes an even bigger impact with the unique implementation of a six-speed sequential racing box.

Clearly neither company left anything on the table when designing these monsters and they truly deserve recognition for them. Making it onto the front of AUTOWEEK.COM is no small feat and things are likely to only heat up from here. We’re looking forward to seeing what both companies come up with for next year. It’s sure to make more than a few jaws drop!