When powerboating, precision is everything. To be unable to tweak and adjust whatever needed at the level needed is a hindrance to any performance boater. BBlades is changing the game with their newly in-house tooled drive spacer plates for the Bravo and Bravo Sport Master drives.

BBlades’ upped the game by building their spacers in 1/4″ Increments rather than the traditional 1/2″. This will allow the boater to alter their prop level with an unheard of degree of precision. You can now finely tune your prop height to the exact level you want, and more importantly do it with ease! The ability to simply raise or lower your prop using 1/4″ increments not found anywhere else in the boating industry and is every boat tinkerers dream.

Even more incredible is BBlades testing program where for a deposit of only $100, you can take home the spacers and test them out to your satisfaction before fully committing. Not only that, but the deposit is also put towards the purchase when you decide to keep them.

Make sure to stop by their booth in Miami and meet the guys behind this latest release!