Summer is here and no matter what state you’re in, it’s time to take the boat out! But as we all know, as soon as you pull the cover off, you start thinking about upgrades and improvements. It’s just the way we’re wired! BBlades is right there with us, so they’ve made it a priority to offer boaters services that allow anyone to get the best performance out of their boat with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

First and foremost, BBlades is taking performance and reliability to new levels with their unique Spacer Plate Testing Program. Offering testing for Bravo, Bravo Sport Master, and #6 Drives, the team is making it easy for you to squeeze out that extra bit of performance without trying to figure out how to improve time-to-plate, trim reaction, and prop slip reduction all by your lonesome. For a minimal fee you can do the testing yourself for 15 days until you’ve got the exact plates you need.

In addition to the Spacer Plate Testing, BBlades also has their “Try Before You Buy” prop testing program. BBlades can hands down set you up with the right prop every time. It’s what they do! But there’s nothing that inspires confidence more than seeing the results firsthand. So BBlades will let you test out the props for $55 each for 15 days, so that you can be absolutely sure they are the perfect choice. Top-of-the-line service with this amazing offer make BBlades your go-to place for the summer.

Lastly, BBlades is proud to announce that they are now an authorized Quicksilver propeller dealer. This, in addition to their services, and industry leading customer service, sets BBlades apart from all other businesses. So what are you waiting for? Give them a call today!

(Featured Image Courtesy of BBlades)