It’s important to report that another legendary marine industry tradition falls by the weigh side as Mercury Racing discontinues factory prop repair service. As alumni of the Mercury Racing Prop Shop and BBlades, staff members Brett, Bob and Dan possess nearly 80 years of combined Mercury Racing training and experience. That Mercury and BBLADES experience is put to use on hundreds of propellers per year here at BBLADES. So, fear not, tradition-bound boater you can still get the same “factory-like” repair work done to your favorite wheel, or have a new one Lab Finished, by the factory-trained pros at BBLADES. The BBLADES techs can put an exact Merc Racing recipe back to its original Merc specs or can customize the recipe to better fit your application as needed. While we’re on the subject, winter is the perfect time to have prop repairs done. You don’t need the prop now, and can avoid the longer lead times during the Spring rush.

It’s hard to believe we are nearing the end of 2014 and Fall is hard upon us. To celebrate the season BBLADES has some money saving offers to warm you up just in time for the gift-giving season. Whether you’re shopping for a fellow boater or getting a little something for yourself, you can find some unique boater gifts for whoever you’re buying for at Don’t forget to check out the BBLADES Facebook page, where they offer great propeller tips, news from the boating industry, special offers and often some general foolishness, because boating should be fun. We have some big things planned for our website in 2015, so stop by and check it out – since you may likely not be on the water for a little while anyways.